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Saturday, July 31, 2010

In which I make Marcella's tomato sauce with butter

Yes, you're looking at spaghetti with tomato sauce. But it's no ordinary tomato sauce, even though it's the one my mother made, and it's the one I usually make. It's the one the Carnivorous Husband created for me time and again as I recovered from the birth of Miss Voracious. Actually, it is possibly the only meal he's ever made from scratch.
Well, not entirely from scratch--the tomatoes are canned, not fresh.
When he made this sauce, he might have used pureed. I prefer this method:
Notice the food mill that was a gift from Miss Voracious.
Notice also the ample butter, Parmigiano Reggiano (please don't use anything else), and halved garden onions. You remove the onion pieces after the sauce has simmered adequately. My father liked to eat them, and maybe you will, too.

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  1. i make my pasta from scratch too and used canned tomatoes. Just the smell of sauce cooking is making me crave some right now!