Searching for good vegetarian meals in Charlottesville, Virginia

Friday, May 20, 2011

In which I develop a serious habit

La Taza coffeehouse is in close proximity to both my daughter's school and PVCC, where I have been taking classes during my long absence from writing about food. La Taza has amazing coffee, and I'm clinically addicted to the Cuban coffee con leche. One of the best breakfast bargains may also be found there: tiny taquitos with egg, green chile, and cheese. I usually get two.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In which we grill bread

I love panzanella. This tomato-free version made use of last month's garden asparagus. The patch is still small, but fresh asparagus is infinitely better than anything you can buy. The parsley also came from the garden. The recipe was adapted from 101 Cookbooks blog--adapted in that I grilled the vegetables and bread in my cast iron grill pan. I used green garlic from the acres growing here, and I grilled it as well. The beans are cannellini, and the dressing is just lemon, lemon zest, champagne vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil.